Sand Creek

The Sand Creek Difference

Sand Creek believes the best care, to truly help a person find solutions to challenges in his or her life, is found by meeting with and talking openly with a professional who is highly educated, trained, and experienced. In these face-to-face meetings, trust is developed, information shared, ideas exchanged, and solutions found.

A similar belief supports the work we provide to organizations to overcome workplace challenges. Sand Creek sends our OAP team consultants into the workplace of our customers to respond to organizational changes, team conflict, critical incidents, and to provide customized training.

With an overall workplace wellness focus, Sand Creek offers creative solutions to employer groups to help at both the individual and organizational level. Recognizing organizations have needs that are as unique as their employees, our OAP service line helps strategically develop programs tailored to your organization’s needs.

No matter what the case may be, Sand Creek is dedicated to making sure that all organizational culture attributes, employee needs, and service requirements are addressed to ensure that your services are effective, affordable, and appropriately tailored.