Sand Creek

Services Provided in Our Basic EAP Model

Nationwide Coverage

Sand Creek utilizes a highly qualified provider network of over 10,000 employee assistance service counselors throughout the United States. We are able to provide local employee assistance services for all the employees of our customer organizations who may choose to participate.

Policy Development Consultation

The Sand Creek Group can consult with your organization to assist in the creation of policies to address issues of your Employee Assistance Program, such as alcohol and drug use policy, drug testing policy, and policies to ensure that your organization remains in conformance with the federal regulatory bodies.

Administrator/Supervisor Training Seminars

All of your supervisory staff will be trained as needed in the appropriate ways of dealing with and referring troubled employees to your Employee Assistance Program.

On-Site Orientation Seminars

All of your employees will be invited to an Employee Assistance Awareness presentation to familiarize them with this benefit.

Promotional Materials and Service

To keep the EAP visible to employees and their families, we offer a variety of promotional materials. Samples of our promotional materials are available on request. In addition, we are more than happy to work with your organization to create promotional material that support and enhance your image to your employees.


Ongoing, we provide coaching by phone or in person to administrators and supervisors to assist them in working with a troubled employee and utilizing the EAP within your organization.

Confidential Assessment, Referral & Brief Counseling

When problems arise, all covered employees and their family members may contact Sand Creek for an EAP assessment, brief counseling and, when necessary, referral free-of-charge to them. All contact is voluntary and strictly confidential.

Chemical Dependency Case Management Relapse Prevention

Sand Creek offers a model for the treatment and case management of chemically dependent employees that significantly increase employees’ chances of continued recovery and abstinence. The steps in this model include assessment by a certified CD counselor, referral to a treatment program that has been individualized to meet that employee’s needs, close monitoring of the treatment process by the EAP/CD counselor, case management, and routine visits for the follow-up with the CD/EAP counselor.

Client Advocacy with Health Provider Networks

There is wisdom in having your EAP outside your health insurance organization. The EAP counselors play an important role in advocating for the needs of your employees with your health care provider network. Sometimes clients may be denied EAP services within your managed health plan or be asked to wait too long for help. Sand Creek advocates for your employees to get the care they need.

24-Hour Telephone Crisis Intervention

Should an emergency occur, we offer professional telephone crisis intervention every hour of every day including weekends and holidays. Our telephones are answered by professional EAP consultants, and we are able to immediately handle any crisis that may be presented.

Convenient Locations

Sand Creek has EAP offices conveniently located to serve your employees and their dependents.

On-Site Visits

Periodically throughout the year, an EAP representative will meet with your consortium to evaluate the status of the program.


You will receive quarterly reports on Employee Assistance Program utilization, plus the summarized results of a Satisfaction Questionnaire administered 3 – 4 months after we have seen employees and/or family members. We will be happy to create custom EAP reports to meet your specific requirements.

Optional Services

Sand Creek’s computer based Work-Life Wellness website offers over 8000 tip sheets and resource articles, calculators and resource locators, and online training on everything from dependent care to wellness resources.