Sand Creek


Sand Creek provides customized assistance programs to organizations. We cater to the needs of the organization by identifying what works best for the work culture of the organization, along with considering the elements that are most important to you. From the beginning, Sand Creek discusses with you the number of sessions covered, onsite counseling needs, organizational purpose of the program, loss control, benefits, productivity, wellness enhancements, and the locations of your employees.

We can provide the following based on your needs:

  • 24/7 crisis access to professional help by phone.
  • Child care referral.
  • Consultation for supervisors and managers on workplace problems and concerns.
  • Elder care and family support.
  • Fully integrated bilingual services in English and Spanish.
  • International coverage for both expat and local workforce.
  • Online wellness resources including articles,┬áskill builders, and monthly online seminars.
  • Organization Assistance Program services including customized training, onsite organization development, and critical incident stress management.
  • Parent coaching.
  • Program promotion and marketing support.
  • Wellness programming including health coaches, smoking cessation programs, and weight loss support.