Sand Creek

Join Our Network

Sand Creek recognizes there is constant change and increasing diversity in the companies that we work with. To respond to that need, Sand Creek strives to have our Provider Network be a reflection of our unique customer needs.

As a Provider for Sand Creek, you are the face of Sand Creek and assist us in delivering exceptional and compassionate services on our behalf to our customers and their employees.  We value the relationships we hold with you, the provider. To demonstrate the appreciation of your value, we offer the following benefits when you join and become a part of our National Provider Network:

  • 30-45 business day reimbursement (That’s less time than insurance turnaround time)
  • Minimum credentialing paperwork
  • Simplified authorization process
  • Streamlined billing process
  • Easy access to online forms and tools!

If you are interested in working with an organization that is dedicated to delivering high quality behavior health care services, please review our Eligibility Information and Network Guidelines.

If you have questions about the process, please call us directly to speak with our National Provider Network Coordinator, Reyna Rios-Starr at