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OAP Service Catalogs

Explore the services we have to offer, along with potential training topics.

Organization Assistance Program (OAP) Service Catalog The OAP catalog offers information about the services that we can provide to your organization. Further consultation with one of our skilled consultants will be needed. The initial consultation will be provided at no-cost. The catalog also showcases some of our most requested trainings. We can also develop a training based on your needs.



Learn more about our training scheduling process…

Scheduling a Training

Once an initial request is received, a scheduling form is sent to the requester to fill out and return. The form captures the details of the request. Dates and times can be discussed at the time of the request, along with consultation about the desired topic of the training.

Choosing a Trainer

We work with a talented group of trainers that span nationwide. Every effort is made to locate a qualified trainer that is close to the desired location of the training. If a qualified trainer is not available for the desired training, a Sand Creek trainer will conduct the training. Travel time will be discussed at the time of the request and will be based off of the office the trainer will be traveling from.

Once a trainer is assigned, they will check in with the requester to learn more about the group and the desired outcomes/goals of the training. If a customized training has been requested, the trainer will schedule a consultation time with the requester to begin the development process.

Estimating a Quote

Rates will be based off of the trainer that will be chosen to facilitate the training.

All efforts will be made to provide an estimated quote prior to the training. The quote will include the following:

  • Direct Service (Onsite time). Includes the total time from the start time and end time of the training. If the training is beyond 2-hours, a scheduled break is recommended. If the training is beyond 6-hours, a scheduled lunch is recommended.
  • Travel time. Round trip from the location of the trainer to the location of the training.
  • Consultation and development. Additional time needed to develop a customized training based off of the consultation with the requester.
  • Overnight lodging. If an overnight stay is required, we will quote based off of the Per Diem rate in the location of the training.
  • If an overnight stay is required, we will quote based off of the Per Diem rate in the location of the training and in addition the Per Diem rate of meals will also be included.
  • Training materials. If costs of materials goes beyond $20.00, we will invoice for materials “at cost.”
Promotion of the Training

We recommend to promote and inform your group of the scheduled training. A general promotional flyer will be provided to you for you to use, or else you can use your own methods of promotion.

Training Course Feedback

We are committed to providing the best service possible and solicit feedback from the participants of the training. After each training, a short feedback form will be handed out to participants to gage the performance of the trainer and evaluate the training topic. An evaluation summary can be provided to the requester, if requested.

Requester Feedback

In addition to evaluating the effectiveness of the training, we also appreciate the feedback from the requester of services to ensure we are making the process as easy and seamless as possible. We will send a link via email to the requester to a short survey after the scheduled training has taken place. All feedback is welcomed.

Invoicing for Service

After the training has been conducted, an invoice will be sent to the desired contact and remittance address for payment via mail or email. Invoiced time is based off of actual time and cost of materials. We accept check and credit card for payment. Please call to process your credit card payment.