Sand Creek

Organization Assistance Program (OAP) Services

Sand Creek offers comprehensive services to assist your organization in becoming the best version of itself. Our experienced Organizational Development Specialist, trainers, and clinicians are at your fingertips to assist with an array of services.

What can Organizational Development Services do?

  • Help in bringing change to organizations (change management).
  • Help organizations assess themselves and their environments.
  • Help to build strategies, structures, and processes based on the assessments and change.
  • Help in making organizations more responsive to the needs of operating in highly complex and changing world.
  • Help managers and staff perform their tasks more effectively, providing skills and knowledge necessary for effective relations.

When Should I Seek Out Organizational Development Assistance?

  • Before or during a change project that affects staff.
  • After receiving recommendations from audits, self-studies, or external reviews.
  • During a transition of leadership.
  • When divisions are merging or splitting.
  • During periods of rapid growth in scope or size.
  • When concerned about ongoing departures and turnover.
  • If conflicts are excessive and interfering with work getting done.
  • When frustration is mounting from too many challenges, demands, or internal competition.
  • When the same problem persists despite changes in individual leaders or staff.
  • If your team lacks healthy communication and shared goals.


To learn more about what we can offer, please contact us by calling 888.243.5744 or submit a request online at OAP Service Request