Sand Creek


Human Resources professionals and management are in a unique position to provide support and to help employees who may be struggling.  Sand Creek can help Human Resources professionals and management address these concerns early, before they become a more serious problem.

Sand Creek can help with:

  • Identifying job-performance issues.
  • Managing employee disagreements or conflicts.
  • Staying focused on performance issues.
  • Proactively addressing productivity concerns.
  • Communicating difficult feedback to an employee.
  • Clarifying and strengthening their own management style, expectations, and appropriate boundaries.


We offer unlimited consultation and support to Human Resources professionals and management to help them effectively meet workplace challenges. We encourage Human Resources professionals and management to consult with Sand Creek whenever behavior or performance-related concerns arise.  We’ll work with you, in collaboration with your human resources department whenever appropriate, to strategize timely and solution-focused responses to the situation you’re facing.

Common consultation questions from Human Resources professionals and management:

  • An employee has been having performance problems and I have tried everything. What do I do now?
  • I need to give feedback, but don’t know what to say.
  • An employee has shared information with me about a personal problem. How can I stay out of their personal life and still be helpful?
  • How do I respond to the employee who blames poor job performance on personal problems?
  • My employee demonstrates performance problems and acknowledges there is a personal problem, but claims it is only temporary, and prefers to take care of it alone. Should I involve the EAP?
  • The employee claims there is “no problem” and responds in an angry manner when I give them feedback. How do I respond to their angry or intimidating behavior?